Leading European aluminium closures manufacturers launch industry-first joint showcase of their solutions at ProWein 2019

  • Six leading producers of aluminium closures and members ofAluminium Closures Group to exhibit together at leading globalwine fair
  • Visit us in Hall 13, Stand F16

This year the Aluminium Closures Group (ACG) stand at ProWein will bring togethersix members and leading producers and developers of aluminium closuretechnologies, that will display their products and latest innovations together. This willoffer visitors a unique ‘one stop shop’, showcasing the very latest creative designsand technologies from these companies. The ProWein trade fair will take place inDüsseldorf, Germany from March 17 - 19, 2019.

The six ACG members on the stand are: Amcor, closurelogic, Federfin Tech, GualaClosures Group, Herti and Mala. These companies have a wealth of expertise andare leading the way in such things as branding and design, conserving taste andquality, adjustable oxygen transfer, as well as exciting new ways to offer winemakersimproved consumer engagement and security features. All in all, the AluminiumClosures Group covers about 75% of the global screw cap production and has 15members including suppliers of sheets and plates.

The recent growth in the use of aluminium closures in the wine sector, also for ‘highend’ wines has seen market penetration across the globe grow to 30% for the totalbottled wine market. This shift towards aluminium screwcaps is particularly evidentfor the largest still wine markets – Europe and USA. In countries such as Australia,New Zealand and South Africa they are already the closure of choice for mostwinemakers.

This is an exciting time to be in the aluminium closure business,” remarked MarikaKnorr, Deputy Executive Director of the Aluminium Closures Group. “Newtechnologies, such as digital printing and decorating techniques mean even smallerwinemakers can take advantage of the benefits these closures can offer - such asshort runs and exceptional branding that definitely make the product stand out on thesales shelf.”

“Of course in an increasingly sustainable economy the advantages of aluminiumclosures stand out even more, as they are 100% recyclable without any loss ofmaterial quality,” she added.

The Prowein stand has been designed to offer meeting spaces for specialists, as wellas displays for each company. The Aluminium Closures Group cordially invites theworld’s winemakers to visit their booth to learn about the benefits and advantages aluminium closures can offer to all wines – from the everyday drinking varieties to the best vintages. Visit us in Hall 13, Stand 16F.

Markets positive about aluminium screw caps

Aluminium Closures Group continues sponsorship of Mundus Vini wine awards

The Aluminium Closures Group (ACG) once again sponsors the spring and summer tastings and awards of the international wine tasting award Mundus Vini. The results from the 2018 award clearly demonstrated a growing acceptance of aluminium closures among wines in the higher price segment while even including two Grand Gold winners.

“With almost 20% of last year’s award winners using aluminium closures we wish to build on that success,“ says Guido Aufdemkamp, Executive Director of the Aluminium Closures Group. “We are already excited about the selection of wines this year and the number of winning wines sealed with aluminium closures is set to increase.”

The results of the Mundus Vini wine tastings shows that aluminium screw caps seal a significant part of high quality, premium wines recognised by the competition. The Aluminium Closures Group continues to maintain close contact with key people in the international wine industry. “These events enable us to meet face-to-face with key decisionmakers and present the aluminium closures as an excellent wine closure solution for the wine industry,” adds Aufdemkamp. 

The debate around the right closures for a particular type of wine continues to engage wine professionals and enthusiasts alike around the world. But the markets are showing a clear shift towards aluminium closures, which already accounted for 30% of total global production as long ago as 2016, according to 2018 research figures from Euromonitor International and IWSR.

Mundus Vini brings together many of the top wine producers from every part of the world. Thousands of wines, ranging from the modestly priced to the very best vintages are blind tasted by a global panel of judges. This year the Spring tasting will take place from 19-24 February. Award winning wines, using aluminium screw caps will be on display at the ProWein exhibition in Düsseldorf the following month, in a special Mundus Vini display section.

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铝合金封口是Mundus Vini获奖葡萄酒的重要组成部分

在Mundus Vini夏季品尝2018年活动期间,所有类别的葡萄酒均采用铝合金封盖,为各种类别的优质葡萄酒提供了广泛的使用,其中使用铝制封口的葡萄酒在所有类别中都获得了奖项。



“我们祝贺所有获奖葡萄酒和铝葡萄酒封口行业!在使用螺旋盖的较高价格范围内,近20%的葡萄酒份额显示它们是世界级优质葡萄酒的一部分。“,铝封闭集团执行董事Guido Aufdemkamp说。

铝封闭集团由铝封闭,铝带和封闭板的领先制造商组成,是AMS Europe e.V的一部分,占全球铝封闭生产的约75%。成员包括Alcopack,Amcor,Astro,Closurelogic,FederfinTech,G3 Enterprises,Guala Closures,Herti和Mala,Vinventions,Torrent Closures以及Aludium,Constellium,Impexmetal,Novelis,Laminazione Sottile和Slim Aluminum。欲了解更多信息,请访问

Mundus Vini是一个国际公认的葡萄酒竞赛,由国际评委会对来自全球各地的数千种葡萄酒进行独立,专业的评判。葡萄酒根据国际葡萄与葡萄酒组织(OIV)的国际100点计划进行评估,该计划也得到了国际葡萄酒联盟(UIOE)的认可。请访问此处的网页,了解2018年夏季品尝结果的详细概述。

More winemakers turn to aluminium closures

New research shows the global wine market shifting towards aluminium closures

Aluminium closures now account for just under 30% of the total global bottled still wine market, according to research recently conducted by Euromonitor. With 30 billion bottles sold worldwide in 2016, the aluminium closure market size is now around 9 billion units annually. This shift towards aluminium screwcaps is particularly evident for the largest still wine markets – Europe and USA.

Europe still represents the largest market for bottled still wines with volumes of more than 17 billion in 2016, according to other research by IWSR, which looked at 0.75L equivalent bottle measurement units. Both reports show a decline in bottled still wine volumes in Europe of between 5.3 and 6.4% in the five years under study. But aluminium closures made significant progress in the same period, growing by 14.5% with a CAGR of 5.2% from 2012-2016.

Commenting on the figures, Guido Aufdemkamp, representing the Aluminium Closures Group said, “These reports show that aluminium closures are continuing to show strong advantages over other wine closure types. Their convenience and increasingly strong branding and decoration enhancements mean more and more winemakers are turning to aluminium closures.”

“In addition, it is worth noting that while the global volume of bottled still wine measured in 0.75L equivalent bottles by IWSR decreased by 2.8% in the period of 2012-2016 to 28.3 billion bottles, Euromonitor shows the total number of wine bottles sold worldwide was stable These figures rely on a more differentiated research method which results in higher numbers than many other sources forecasts in the media and elsewhere,” he added.

The situation in the United States of America continues to show a strong market for wine with aluminium closures. The number of 0.75L bottled wines of all varieties sold in 2016 increased 4.4% versus 2015, according to the study by IWSR. Sales reached over 3.8 billion bottles. Euromonitor confirms that aluminium closures accounted for 44.9% of all sales of bottled wine in the US in that year. The CAGR for aluminium closures in the US for the five-year period was 6%.

Expressing his delight at the continued growth of the aluminium screwcap market, Guido Aufdemkamp continued, “There is a truly global acceptance of aluminium closures, particularly with younger consumers and those new to wine, who show a real preference for screwcaps.”

“Consumers are convinced by their ease of use, as surveys of our Turn 360° campaign have demonstrated. In addition, these closures are completely recyclable, so fit completely with the current demands for more sustainable performance of packaging,” he concluded.

Sources: Euromonitor International, IWSR and EAFA

About ‘Aluminium Closures Group´:

The Aluminium Closures Group consists of the leading manufacturers of aluminium closures, aluminium strips and sheets for closures and is part of the European Aluminium Foil Association (EAFA), representing about 75% of global aluminium closure production. The members are Alcopack, Amcor, Astro, Closurelogic, FederfinTech, G3 Enterprises, Guala Closures, Herti and Mala as well as Aludium, Constellium, Impexmetal, Novelis, Laminazione Sottile, and Slim Aluminium.

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About ‘Euromonitor International´:

Euromonitor International is one of the leading independent providers of strategic market research, creating data and analysis on thousands of products and services around the world. Euromonitor International's extensive network of in-country analysts provides the depth of local business information required in today's international business environment.

For more information visit:

About ‘IWSR´:

The IWSR is a provider of data and analysis on the alcoholic beverage market. It tracks overall consumption and trends at brand, quality and category level while providing insight into short- and long-term trends. With one of the world´s largest databases in this field, it quantifies the global market of wine, spirits, beer, cider and mixed drinks by volume and value in 157 countries. The data is used by major multinational wine, spirits and beer companies, as well as financial and alcoholic beverage market suppliers.

For more information visit:

Aluminium Closures Group sponsors international wine award Mundus Vini 2018

Düsseldorf – The Aluminium Closures Group will sponsor this year’s prestigious international wine award, the Mundus Vini Spring Tasting. Via this engagement with a group of internationally recognized experts in the wine industry, the Group aims to expands its presence within the core market segment of fine wines.

“It is a unique opportunity to take part in Mundus Vini and be directly involved in an activity of such high quality and cultural importance to the world of fine wines. We are convinced that aluminium closures can generally support the qualitative growth of wine, while we continuously develop new solutions for the industry,” said Franco Bove, Chairman of the Aluminium Closures Group

The Group’s ‘Turn 360°’ campaign gives a fresh twist to the numerous advantages of aluminium closures for the wine, water and other beverage industries. The initiative focuses on the benefits of alu closures – such as convenience, conservation of taste and quality for the consumers.
The opportunities for design customization, sustainability and recyclability while achieving cost-effectiveness are of key interest to beverage makers and fillers.  For the wine trade, the reduction of spoilage and the associated economical risks are additional important considerations.

Mundus Vini is an internationally recognized wine award which takes place 20. – 25. February in Neustadt, Germany. An international jury delivers an independent, expert verdict on over 6000 wines from around the globe to guarantee a fair and professional competition. For more information on the award:

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Aluminium closures challenge returns to ProWein

The Aluminium Closures – Turn 360° campaign, which promotes the advantages of aluminium closures for winemakers, will again host a daily competition at ProWein, the leading trade fair for wine professionals, in Düsseldorf 19-21 March. The campaign team can be found in the dedicated “Packaging & Design” sector adjacent to the ProWein Forum, Hall 13, Stand F16.

The daily on-stand competition to find the ‘Turn 360° Champion 2017’ is designed with a fun focus on the convenience that aluminium closures bring. It challenges visitors to demonstrate their fastest opening & closing times!

The competition takes place daily, on the hour, from 12pm with the last opportunity to participate at 6pm. Each contestant will be asked to open, re-close and turn five bottles of wine upside down as fast as they can, demonstrating just how good aluminium closures are for efficient opening, re-closing and storage. Every hour the contestant with the fastest time will be rewarded – with the fastest over the entire show being crowned ‘Turn 360° Champion 2017’.

Several members of EAFA’s Closures Group will also be exhibiting in the “Packaging & Design” section, where visitors can learn about all the benefits of aluminium closures for wine: Closurelogic, FederfinTech, Guala Closures, Herti and Mala Verschluss-Systeme.

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Every second aluminium closure in Europe is now recycled

The average recycling rate for aluminium closures in Europe has increased to more than 50%, according to figures released recently by the “Aluminium Closures – Turn 360°” campaign by the European Aluminium Foil Association. Much of this improvement is due to national initiatives and better collection and recycling schemes across Europe, according to the Association.

Aluminium closures, mainly used on bottles of wine, spirits, water and olive oil, can be collected either with the mixed packaging fraction or together with the glass collection stream. Thanks to modern processes the aluminium is easily extracted and recycled, from both material streams.

Because packaging collection and recycling systems in Europe vary considerably from country to country, national initiatives are proving to be most effective. For example, the UK’s “You Can Leave Your Cap On” scheme has enabled local authorities to increase the recovery of aluminium closures for recycling. Initiated by ALUPRO, in partnership with British Glass and EAFA, it encourages recyclers to screw the closures back on their empty bottles before recycling so that more aluminium can be successfully recovered. Sharing best practices in the European network of aluminium packaging recycling organisations, ALU DK initiated a similar project in Denmark with the “Keep the Cap on” campaign, supported by the Danish government. Other national organisations like CIAL in Italy increasingly refer to aluminium closures in their general and special announcements to raise the awareness that aluminium closures are perfectly suitable to be collected and recycled.

Commenting on the figures, EAFA’s Closures Group Chair Franco Bove said, “It is encouraging to see the industry continues to support national initiatives which enhance the collection and recycling of aluminium closures. Recycled aluminium is a valuable commodity, so supports the economics of the recycling process.”

These aluminium closure recycling rates are calculated on the basis of publicly available national overall aluminium recycling rates, plus consumption data from market research companies.

Join for ALUNCH and pay with aluminium closures: You are just a twist away!

Young professionals in Brussels are being invited to join ALUNCH at the prestigious Grapevine restaurant, near the European Parliament each Thursday through April and May. To ‘pay’ for their meals the lunchers need to bring along some aluminium bottle closures, which will enable them to feast on a variety of delicious food – all served in aluminium foil or containers, of course!


The initiative, which will run from 14th April until 26th May, aims to show the value of aluminium closures as well as other aluminium foil products and raise awareness of their benefits and convenience. All the closures will be collected in a transparent tube so that there will be a ‘bank’ full of them at the end of the period.

Guido Aufdemkamp, executive director of the organiser EAFA, the European Aluminium Foil Association explained the reasoning behind the event, “We wanted to make our point about the value of aluminium closures and, indeed the entire aluminium range, in an interesting and amusing way, which would be particularly appealing to the many international young men and women living, working and studying in Brussels, the Heart of Europe!”

The ALUNCHers will be treated to a menu (in French, Dutch and English) which will give them a choice of meals, desserts, coffee and treats all served in aluminium foil, containers, pouches or capsules.

EAFA will involve Social Media, including Facebook and Instagram to promote ALUNCH and hopes that guests will post some pictures on line showing their experiences, particularly the funny ones! Flyers and posters will also be placed in the restaurant which, being in the Place du Luxembourg is in a vibrant and busy location in the heart of the Brussels European Quarter.

All the closures collected will be sent for recycling; showing their true value to the community is simply a twist away.

For more information about the ALUNCH initiative visit

Aluminium Closures Campaign Makes Convenience Fun at ProWein

Following last year’s first, successful attendance at ProWein, the leading trade fair for wine professionals, the Aluminium Closures – Turn 360° campaign that promotes the advantages of aluminium closures for winemakers, will be back in Düsseldorf in March.  The campaign team can be found in the dedicated “Packaging & Design” sector adjacent to the ProWein Forum, Hall 13, Stand E50.


Discover the benefits of aluminium closures at SITEVI

The event will take place on 25 November 2015 (15.30 - 17.00) in Hall B5, Salle 5, Parc des Expositions, Montpellier. Several industry experts will offer their insights. SITEVI 2015 will take place from Tuesday 24 to Thursday 26 November 2015.

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Discover the benefits of aluminium closures at SIMEI

The event will take place on 4 November 2015 (10.30 - 12.00) in Hall 15, in the Area Mosto. Several industry experts will offer their insights. The SIMEI Wine Technology show is to be held at Fiera Milano, Rho, Italy (3-6 November 2015).


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Aluminium Closures takes centre stage at ProWein 2015

The “Aluminium Closures – Turn 360°” campaign will be present for the first time at ProWein (15-17 March 2015 in Düsseldorf), the leading international fair for the wine sector. The campaign, which promotes the advantages of the growing segment of aluminium closures for wines, is taking part in a dedicated “Packaging & Design” show adjacent to the ProWein Forum.

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    • 铝制螺旋盖——旋转360˚是由欧洲铝制螺旋盖领导者制造商发起的动态意识战。为我们提供的详细信息是铝制螺旋盖作为许多瓶装产品的艺术级中的铝制螺旋盖的优势。
    • 该活动的特点是大部分最新的信息和资料由供应商提供支持给铝制螺旋盖工业。
    • 这说明了在近几年铝制螺旋盖使用的高增长率(201216,000,000,000用于葡萄酒、烈酒、饮用水和食用油)








      • 虽然规模小,但是分别用其他包装或和其他玻璃瓶一起,广泛收集和循环铝制螺旋盖
      • 铝的循环利用要比初级生产低95%的能量。






      • 铝制螺旋盖领导者制造商发起全欧洲推广活动的铝封——旋转360˚,就此增强了公众对可持续和艺术级的封盖形式的意识。
      • 新网路入口,上网便可了解铝制螺旋盖优势的综合信息。


      背景信息 铝制螺旋盖


      • 铝制螺旋盖为个人的葡萄酒享用提供了大量的积极性质。
      • 过去十年巨大的生产增长:全球使用于葡萄酒的铝制螺旋盖数量快速增至4,000,000,000 (2011)
      • 铝制螺旋盖比传统封盖“更具持续性发展”