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Aluminium Closures Website Relaunch

Join the Screwcap Revolution…new Website out now!

The new and expanded website for the Aluminium Closures Group, part of the European Aluminium Foil Association (EAFA) family, has gone live. It explains one of the most impressive developments in the closures market – the rise of the screwcap. The screwcap revolution is based on many advantages screwcaps have compared to other types of closures for wine, spirits, water and oil, such as convenience, preservation of taste and quality, design and branding opportunities as well as being sustainable and economic.

Today, more than 90% of all spirit bottles sold have an aluminium closure and more than every third wine bottle is closed with an aluminium screwcap. In some sub segments of the oil and vinegar categories alu screwcaps increase their share by almost 1% annually.

In particular the website provides details of how aluminium closures play an important role in making the world more sustainable, thanks to its potential to be endlessly recycled. Already 45% of the aluminium in Europe is recycled and in some countries like Germany it is even above 85% - making aluminium a perfect candidate for the circular economy. Whether the screwcap is used to close wine, spirits, oil, vinegar, or water it can be turned into another product, with no waste of valuable resources.

The website has also been expanded to show the advantages of using the aluminium closure across various markets. Not only do these sections demonstrate the closures’ versatility, but also its ability to protect and preserve the precious product inside the bottle – whatever it might be.

So to find out more about aluminium closures follow the link and enjoy the story behind this exciting closure format and to learn how it is contributing to a greener planet:


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