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Lets Twist Again – Like We Did Last Summer!

In the hot summer months ahead white and rosé wines are at their most popular. And more producers of these delicious and refreshing beverages are turning to aluminium closures as their preferred choice. Even in the traditional European markets, increasing numbers of winemakers are using this most convenient, elegant and effective form of closure. A simple twist is all that is necessary to gain access to the refreshing liquid inside!

Indeed in France the strong market for rosé wines in the summer months has seen even traditional winemakers using far more contemporary packaging designs. The result has been that the share of aluminium closures used in this segment tripled to 38% in just five years*.

With more and more outdoor events taking place, such as festivals and concerts, as well as the huge rise in the popularity of barbecues at home, the advantages of the screwcap made from aluminium has really come into its own: they are easy to transport, store, open and close and need no other component to get inside. As the bottle can be opened and closed easily there is no danger of spilling a drop!

In Europe the volume of wine using aluminium closures has been growing continuously since 2010, along with the consumption of non-vintage wines generally in this market. The market share for bottled still wine using these closures in 2016, when the last survey was undertaken*, stood at 30% and has continued to increase since then.

Other properties of the aluminium closure include that they are perfectly neutral from an organoleptic point of view; there is no possibility of cork taint; there is complete consistency from bottle to bottle of the same wine; it is easy to store – upright, on its side, even upside down; and it is easy to see if the bottle has been tampered with.

Not only do these closures offer convenience and safe use, they can show off the product to the best advantage with endless decorative possibilities. And they are a highly sustainable option, a very important factor for the modern consumer. Life Cycle Analysis (LCA) studies* show that wine loss as a result of cork closures is more significant than for aluminium. So aluminium closures can help to reduces food waste and increase overall resource efficiency. Indeed recovering and recycling aluminium closures is very common in Europe and with the metal being fully recyclable it is one of the most sustainable packaging materials.

So for those hot summer evenings ahead, what better way to enjoy your chilled bottle of white or rosé at its best, with aluminium closures. Twisting time is here!!!

*Sources: Rosé market share – source Euromonitor International (2018); Bottled Still Wine Market – IWSR / Euromonitor International / EAFA (2018); Wine Life Cycle Analysis (LCA) study – Quantis


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