Easy Handling and Maximum Flavour

Aluminium closures only require a simple twist making opening a bottle easy and stress free eliminating any potential for annoyance. They are a guarantee of convenience, reliability and safety every time the bottle is opened and re-closed.

Add to this the convenience which comes from being able to store and transport a bottle with an aluminium closure in any position and over long distances, and it really demonstrates its claim to be the perfect closure.  

The aluminium closure’s highly effective barrier properties prolongs, in perfect condition, the life of a product and is a reassurance to the consumer that the overall quality will remain at peak condition over a considerable period.

Totally Practical

Another big plus is that the aluminium closure makes a bottle easy to open and re-close and doesn’t need any extra tools or devices to do the job. 

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Great wine at your finger tips

Opening a bottle of wine the classic way, by pulling the cork, can turn into a strenuous affair, as many people know from their own experience.

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