Easy opening and closing for wineEasy opening and closing for wineEasy opening and closing for wineEasy opening and closing for wine


Easy opening and closing for wine

Whether it is for a BBQ, party, festival or just a pleasant drink in the back garden or on the balcony, a bottle of wine with an aluminium closure can be opened so easily that it is an ideal companion for the event. There is no need for additional tools - often forgotten at home - and no risk of finding a pool of wine in the bottom of the picnic basket! It does not matter if the bottle is kept upright, on its side or even upside down.

Re-closing the bottle with a traditional closure can be a difficult exercise and, most times the bottle stays open, meaning the wine is open to the air and prone to being spilled or knocked over.  Thanks to the aluminium closure the precious liquid is quite safe.

The way in which consumers behave is likewise affected. Instead of feeling compelled to consume all the contents while they’re still fresh they can close the bottle again by screwing the aluminium closure back into place, just as you would do after a glass of whisky.

Over the last twenty years the aluminium closure has contributed to the introduction of wine to a whole new generation of wine lovers, as well as opening up the market to wines from all over the world. Also it has enabled winemakers to introduce PET as an alternative to glass, the only closure suitable for both. 

Thanks to its convenience and ease of use and versatility, wine with an aluminium closure is seen as contemporary by younger people.  Just turn the closure and enjoy!

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