Form and function in wine closuresForm and function in wine closuresForm and function in wine closuresForm and function in wine closures


Form and function in wine closures

A particular advantage of using aluminium closures is that wine keeps its aroma and flavour for longer. Another big plus is that the aluminium closure makes a bottle easy to open and re-close and doesn’t need any extra tools or devices to do the job. A simple twist and the bottle is tightly closed again, locking in the natural aroma and taste of the wine until it is re-opened, regardless of the location.

At home or in restaurants, the positive ‘clicking’ sound, heard when first opening a bottle of wine with an aluminium closure, is a reassuring guarantee that the wine is in its pristine, original state. The aluminium closure is the guardian of authenticity and good taste. 

When opting for a wine closed with an aluminium closure, the restaurant is potentially saved the embarrassment and disappointment of serving up ‘corked’ wine, or watching the cork break during opening. The aluminium closure brings an extra benefit to restaurants.  It allows them to offer their guests their best wine by the glass, secure in the knowledge that the quality of the wine inside is just as the wine-maker intended … even though the bottle may have been open for a couple of days.  The benefit is twofold as it also allows the consumer to sample and enjoy different wines throughout their meal.

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