Liquor bottles

Design & Branding


Design Opportunities

Brand owners and producers strive to differentiate themselves from the competition and to create a ‘personality’ as well as a reputation for their products, with which consumers can identify.

Opportunities for creative design

With so many varieties and brands produced worldwide each year it is not surprising that, in addition to flavour and aroma, the visual impression, the style of the bottle, label and its closure is of such importance.
For producers and marketers, aluminium closures have the potential to enhance the brand appearance of their products. Intricate design options include glossy or matt finishes, embossing and even digital printing are readily available.
There are few technical or practical limits when it comes to giving aluminium closures an individual touch. These can augment the visual experience and enhance the overall impression. Just as the label makes a statement about the product – its origin, heritage and quality – so can the aluminium closure become a major part of its branding and visual impact.

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