Screw Tops


ProWein 2023

We talked to our members at the trade fair

ProWein 2023 was a wonderful opportunity to hear what's new from members of the Aluminium Closures Group as well as exhibitors. In addition, we were able to discover many beautifully designed screw caps at booths from all over the world. Here are our impressions from the fair.

Aluminum closures

Screwcaps offer convenience for the wine consumer

Interview with a wine distributor on MundusVini about the his with aluminium closures / screwcaps for wine bottles. This is part of a series of videos produced by the Aluminium Closures Group.

Screw caps

A brief background to the history and perception of aluminium closures

An interview with Travis Fuller / Accolade Wines about the history and perception of aluminium closures in his home market of Australia. The interview was conducted by the Aluminium Closures during the Mundus Vini Spring Tasting in 2018.

Aluminium closures

Screwcaps - a sustainable choice for sealing wines / great marketing potential

Interview @ Mundus Vini about the utility of screwcaps / aluminium closures - the sustainability aspects and potential for marketing and branding of wines. Here we had the unique opportunity to speak with the veteran wine connaisseur, Paul Blom, of Schermer Wijnkopers - Distillateurs from the Netherlands.

Screwcap designs

The marketing potential of branded aluminium closure

The Aluminium Closures Group explores the potential for leveraging aluminium screwcaps designs for branding of wine. During the Mundus Vini Summer Tasting 2018, we had spoke to Rhinehessen Wine Queen 2018 (Rheinhessen Weinkönigin 2018), Lea Kopp, to get her view on the marketing potential for creative #wine closure designs.


verhindern Druckprobleme von CO2 haltigen Weinen

Hier hatten wir die Gelegenheit, mit dem Wine Consultant, Péter Sárkány aus Ungarn während Mundus Vini über die Vorteile von Schraubverschlüsse für Wein zu sprechen.

Alupro: The Lonely Bottle Top

A story of endless possibilities

Aluminium bottle tops are used on wine, spirits, cordials and cooking oils and vinegars - and they are endlessly recyclable. The easiest way to recycle them is by putting them back on your empty glass bottle!