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Technology & Economy


Technology & Economic Advantages

Closures made of aluminium offer a number of clear advantages, as they can be manufactured in large numbers in a cost-efficient way, to produce an excellent price/performance ratio. Depending on their design, they can be significantly lower in price than traditional closure systems.
Aluminium closures are manufactured all over the world and are part of the local value chain. This allows a faster reaction to the customer’s needs. They can be transported economically and sustainably to the producer, whatever the location.

A Complete and Cost Effective Solution

Aluminium closures are the only form of closure suitable for both glass and PET bottles. Single serve PET bottles with aluminium closures are lighter and therefore reduce transportation costs making them ideal for use on airlines and trains and at outdoor events. They also meet possible safety requirements of, for example, airlines, bars, concerts, sporting events and festivals when necessary.
The consumer can easily determine if the content has been tampered with as the bridge line on the cap will have been broken. Thanks to innovative technology different types of tamper evident devices can be included in the aluminium closures – a clear example of technology providing an economic advantage.

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