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Aluminium Closures for Wine

Indeed the truth about wine is that more and more makers and bottlers are turning to aluminium closures to ensure the wines reach their destination in perfect condition and can be enjoyed conveniently and opened with a simple twist of the cap.

In vino veritas!

More and more high quality wines are now using aluminium closures, thanks to advances in technology which enable them to breath and develop in the normal way. But the added benefit is that there is no risk of contamination or taint. So the valuable liquid is as good as when it left the vineyard. Even in traditional markets, where the aluminium screw cap is currently under represented, there is a strong trend towards their adoption, even amongst the noblest vintages.
And in this on-the-go world, wines for everyday drinking, particularly those from the newer wine growing areas are almost universally using aluminium closures. Thanks to the simple and secure aluminium screw cap these wines can be enjoyed anywhere at any time and carried safely to BBQs or events, both in and out doors, and even taken home easily if not completely consumed.

Wine into Wine Glass
People drinking wine and cooking

For the winemakers aluminium closures now offer endless opportunities for branding and promotion. Thanks to new printing technologies and embossing techniques even short runs of the caps can be produced for special events or campaigns. In addition these closures come in a variety of colours and finishes which can make a product stand out on the crowded shelves in stores.
And Foodservice operators love aluminium closures. They guarantee their service is just a simple twist away, so satisfying customers is easy. Serving wine by the glass? Not a problem. The servers can be confident that opening a bottle, pouring a glass and closing it again does nothing to affect the quality of the remaining wine – it will be just as good for the next glass ordered.
The future of aluminium closures for all types and qualities of wine, in all global markets, is assured.