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Aluminium Closures for Water

The bottled water market is highly competitive and to many consumers water dispensed in this format is considered the healthiest and most convenient way of hydrating. With aluminium closures being the only format suitable for both glass and PET bottles, it makes them an ideal solution for this market. Single serve PET bottles with aluminium closures are lighter and therefore reduce transportation cost. This makes them ideal for use on airlines and trains and at outdoor events. They also meet any safety requirements in, for example, airlines, bars, concerts, and at sporting events or festivals when necessary.

Refreshingly convenient and healthy

The aluminium closure is the perfect solution as it prevents any liquid contamination from microorganisms, it protects the original purity of the contents and allows a stable shelf life and safe storage.
The consumer can easily determine if the content has been tampered with as the bridge line on the cap will have been broken. The addition of various types of sealing materials, within the aluminium closure, makes it possible to apply them to both still and carbonated water.

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