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Oil & Vinegar


Aluminium Closures for Oil & Vinegar

To producers of oils and vinegars it is very important to preserve the flavour and condition of their delicate and valuable products. The aluminium closure has helped to achieve this. Edible oils and vinegars are susceptible to adulteration, as they are not consumed in one go but are used in small doses over time. The aluminium closure is a perfect closure solution as it prevents any liquid contamination from microorganisms, moisture or gas allowing a stable shelf life and safe storage over long periods.

Locking in the flavour of oils and vinegars

Every year hundreds of millions of extra virgin olive oil and balsamic vinegar bottles using aluminium closures leave their country of origin in as perfect condition as when the precious liquid was bottled. Whether large manufacturers or small specialist producers they rely on aluminium closures to guarantee the quality of their products.
And these closures can enhance the consumer experience in other ways. So, in the case of olive oils, recent developments have seen pop-up pouring devices to control pouring speed, dosage and reduce product wastage through dripping. Also they can eliminate the risk of the bottle being refilled with a different, lower quality product, protecting the integrity of a brand as well as the consumer.

Oil on table with salad