Wine Market


An Overview

Aluminium Closure Markets

Aluminium closures are universally recognised by industry experts, producers, retailers and consumers for their ability to be convenient, reliable and safe, not to mention their excellent capabilities to preserve taste and quality.
So it is not surprising to learn that aluminium closures have been widely adopted by the food and beverage industry and in particular the beverage sector. This market is expanding rapidly, with rising consumption of beverages like cold drinks, carbonated drinks, sports drinks, and alcohol.


And when it comes to liquids foods, such as olive oil and balsamic vinegar, the sector sees both the large and specialist makers of these products opting for aluminium closures, to ensure their valuable products stay as perfect as when bottled. Added to this, aluminium’s corrosion-resistance, light weight, recyclability and cost efficiency are additional major benefits. Also technical elements can be seamlessly incorporated to offer features such as tamper-evidence and anti-counterfeiting measures.