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The aluminium closure has become the `hallmark’ for good and consistent quality across a wide range of bottled products.

All over the world, aluminium closures are widely recognised by industry experts, producers, retailers and consumers for their ability to preserve the genuine flavour of the precious contents inside the bottle.

The perfect example: Quality from grape to glass

  • Aluminium’s inherent strength and corrosion resistance guarantees no change in taste
  • All materials used in aluminium closures are perfectly neutral from an organoleptic point of view, helping to preserve the flavours
  • The aroma and flavour are the same, whether opened 10 miles from the producer or 10,000
  • Aluminium closures create a highly effective barrier preventing contamination from micro-organisms, moisture or gas allowing a steady shelf life and safe storage
  • No cork taint or foreign bodies caused by traditional closure disintegration interferes with the precious liquids either!
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Wine Bottle

Red or white or rosé; still or sparkling – today wine is enjoyed by many. Indeed each year it is estimated that 34 billion bottles of every quality, taste and price and for every kind of occasion are consumed around the world.

Different strengths, flavours and varieties are now available across the world thanks to modern production methods and packaging. Previously much wine was famous – or more accurately infamous – for not ‘travelling well’. Today a huge variety of wine is produced in many different countries and, thanks to technologies such as aluminium closures, is enjoyed globally. The aroma and flavour are the same, whether opened at the vineyard or on the other side of the globe.

Even when the wine is supposed to ‘breathe’ a little after opening, a good closure ensures the consistency of its flavour until it is opened. Too much oxygen in the bottle is something to be avoided; exposure to air can result in the wine eventually ‘turning’.

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