Aluminium Closures for Spirits

The spirits industry was the very first alcoholic beverage sector to embrace this solution. A neutral effect on taste, which is mandatory for the white spirits category, such as vodka, can be achieved with aluminium closures. Today almost every spirit brand uses this type of closure to avoid any taste spoilage. Aluminium’s inherent strength and corrosion resistance guarantees no change in condition. Whisky, cognac and vintage rum evolve uninhibited. No foreign bodies, caused by traditional closure deterioration, interfere with the precious liquids in the bottle.

First choice closure for spirits

The excellent open and reclose features of aluminium closures are also great advantages, locking in the flavour and ensuring there is no leakage. In addition technical features can be incorporated into aluminium closures, such as tamper-evident devices and anti-counterfeiting or authentication systems. These can protect not only the valuable contents but also brand integrity.
Indeed, the first aluminium rolled-on pilfer proof (ROPP) closure, was introduced in the spirits market where it continues to be the closure of choice. ROPP still accounts for nearly 70% of all aluminium closures used with alcoholic beverages.